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Opt out of Storage

If you are in need of storing some temporary information across method and message boundaries ink! will have your back with the ink_storage::Memory abstraction. It allows you to simply opt-out of using the storage for the wrapped entity at all and thus is very similar to Solidity's very own memory annotation.

An example below:

#[ink(storage)]pub struct OptedOut {    a: i32,    b: ink_storage::Lazy<i32>,    c: ink_storage::Memory<i32>,}

The the above example a and b are normal storage entities, however, c on the other hand side will never load from or store to contract storage and will always be reset to the default value of its i32 type for every contract call. It can be accessed from all ink! messages or methods via self.c, but will never manipulate the contract storage and thus acts wonderfully as some shared local information.