Module ink_env::call

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Utilities to call or instantiate contracts on the chain.


  • Type states that tell what state of a instantiation argument has not yet been set properly for a valid construction.
  • Utility types for the cross-contract calling API.


  • The default call type for cross-contract calls, for calling into the latest call_v2 host function. This adds the additional weight limit parameter proof_time_limit as well as storage_deposit_limit.
  • Builds up a cross contract call.
  • The final parameters to the cross-contract call.
  • The legacy call type for cross-contract calls. Performs a cross-contract call to callee with gas limit gas_limit, transferring transferred_value of currency.
  • Builds up contract instantiations.
  • Builds up contract instantiations.
  • The delegatecall call type. Performs a call with the given code hash.
  • The input data for a smart contract execution.
  • The function selector.


  • Represents any type that can be returned from an ink! constructor. The following contract implements the four different return type signatures implementing this trait:
  • Contracts that can be constructed from an AccountId.