pub trait FromStatusCode: Sized {
    // Required method
    fn from_status_code(status_code: u32) -> Result<(), Self>;
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Implemented by error codes in order to construct them from status codes.

A status code is returned by calling an ink! chain extension method. It is the u32 return value.

The purpose of an ErrorCode type that implements this trait is to provide more context information about the status of an ink! chain extension method call.

Required Methods§


fn from_status_code(status_code: u32) -> Result<(), Self>

Returns Ok if the status code for the called chain extension method is valid.

Returning Ok will query the output buffer of the call if the chain extension method definition has a return value.


The convention is to use 0 as the only raw value that yields Ok whereas every other value represents one error code. By convention this mapping should never panic and therefore every raw value must map to either Ok or to a proper ErrorCode variant.