pub fn assert_contract_termination<T, F>(
    should_terminate: F,
    expected_beneficiary: T::AccountId,
    expected_value_transferred_to_beneficiary: T::Balance
    T: Environment,
    F: FnMut() + UnwindSafe,
    <T as Environment>::AccountId: Debug,
    <T as Environment>::Balance: Debug,
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Tests if a contract terminates successfully after self.env().terminate() has been called.

The arguments denote:

  • should_terminate: A closure in which the function supposed to terminate is called.
  • expected_beneficiary: The beneficiary account who should have received the remaining value in the contract
  • expected_value_transferred_to_beneficiary: The value which should have been transferred to the expected_beneficiary.


let should_terminate = move || your_contract.fn_which_should_terminate();
ink_env::test::assert_contract_termination::<ink_env::DefaultEnvironment, _>(

See integration-tests/contract-terminate for a complete usage example.