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Exports from std, core and alloc crates.

Guarantees a stable interface between std and no_std modes.


This module contains the Any trait, which enables dynamic typing of any 'static type through runtime reflection. It also contains the Provider trait and accompanying API, which enable trait objects to provide data based on typed requests, an alternate form of runtime reflection.

A module for working with borrowed data.

A pointer type for heap allocation.

Functionality for ordering and comparison.

Collection types.

Utilities for formatting and printing Strings.

Generic hashing support.

Primitive traits and types representing basic properties of types.

Basic functions for dealing with memory.

Additional functionality for numerics.

Overloadable operators.

A UTF-8–encoded, growable string.

A contiguous growable array type with heap-allocated contents, written Vec<T>.


Creates a String using interpolation of runtime expressions.

Creates a Vec containing the arguments.