pub fn move_storage_from_pallet(
    storage_name: &[u8],
    old_pallet_name: &[u8],
    new_pallet_name: &[u8]
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Move a storage from a pallet prefix to another pallet prefix.

Keys used in pallet storages always start with: concat(twox_128(pallet_name), twox_128(storage_name)).

This function will remove all value for which the key start with concat(twox_128(old_pallet_name), twox_128(storage_name)) and insert them at the key with the start replaced by concat(twox_128(new_pallet_name), twox_128(storage_name)).


If a pallet named “my_example” has 2 storages named “Foo” and “Bar” and the pallet is renamed “my_new_example_name”, a migration can be:

move_storage_from_pallet(b"Foo", b"my_example", b"my_new_example_name");
move_storage_from_pallet(b"Bar", b"my_example", b"my_new_example_name");