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Auto-generated docs-only module listing all (public and private) defined storage types for this pallet.

§Warning: Doc-Only

Members of this module cannot be used directly and are only provided for documentation purposes.

To see the actual storage type, find a struct with the same name at the root of the pallet, in the list of Type Definitions.


  • A record of who vetoed what. Maps proposal hash to a possible existent block number (until when it may not be resubmitted) and who vetoed it.
  • Record of all proposals that have been subject to emergency cancellation.
  • Those who have locked a deposit.
  • True if the last referendum tabled was submitted externally. False if it was a public proposal.
  • The lowest referendum index representing an unbaked referendum. Equal to ReferendumCount if there isn’t a unbaked referendum.
  • General information concerning any proposal or referendum. The Hash refers to the preimage of the Preimages provider which can be a JSON dump or IPFS hash of a JSON file.
  • The referendum to be tabled whenever it would be valid to table an external proposal. This happens when a referendum needs to be tabled and one of two conditions are met:
  • The number of (public) proposals that have been made so far.
  • The public proposals. Unsorted. The second item is the proposal.
  • The next free referendum index, aka the number of referenda started so far.
  • Information concerning any given referendum.
  • All votes for a particular voter. We store the balance for the number of votes that we have recorded. The second item is the total amount of delegations, that will be added.