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Auto-generated docs-only module listing all (public and private) defined storage types for this pallet.

§Warning: Doc-Only

Members of this module cannot be used directly and are only provided for documentation purposes.

To see the actual storage type, find a struct with the same name at the root of the pallet, in the list of Type Definitions.


  • The current bids, stored ordered by the value of the bid.
  • Warning: Doc-Only
  • The number of challenge rounds there have been. Used to identify stale DefenderVotes.
  • Votes for the defender, keyed by challenge round.
  • The defending member currently being challenged, along with a running tally of votes.
  • The first member.
  • The most primary from the most recently approved rank 0 members in the society.
  • The current items in Members keyed by their unique index. Keys are densely populated 0..MemberCount (does not include MemberCount).
  • The number of items in Members currently. (Doesn’t include SuspendedMembers.)
  • The current members and their rank. Doesn’t include SuspendedMembers.
  • At the end of the claim period, this contains the most recently approved members (along with their bid and round ID) who is from the most recent round with the lowest bid. They will become the new Head.
  • The max number of members for the society at one time.
  • Information regarding rank-0 payouts, past and future.
  • Amount of our account balance that is specifically for the next round’s bid(s).
  • The number of rounds which have passed.
  • A hash of the rules of this society concerning membership. Can only be set once and only by the founder.
  • The current skeptic.
  • The set of suspended members, with their old membership record.
  • Clear-cursor for Vote, map from Candidate -> (Maybe) Cursor.
  • Double map from Candidate -> Voter -> (Maybe) Vote.