pub fn start_mining_worker<Block, C, S, Algorithm, E, SO, L, CIDP>(
    block_import: BoxBlockImport<Block>,
    client: Arc<C>,
    select_chain: S,
    algorithm: Algorithm,
    env: E,
    sync_oracle: SO,
    justification_sync_link: L,
    pre_runtime: Option<Vec<u8>>,
    create_inherent_data_providers: CIDP,
    timeout: Duration,
    build_time: Duration
) -> (MiningHandle<Block, Algorithm, L, <E::Proposer as Proposer<Block>>::Proof>, impl Future<Output = ()>)
where Block: BlockT, C: BlockchainEvents<Block> + 'static, S: SelectChain<Block> + 'static, Algorithm: PowAlgorithm<Block> + Clone, Algorithm::Difficulty: Send + 'static, E: Environment<Block> + Send + Sync + 'static, E::Error: Debug, E::Proposer: Proposer<Block>, SO: SyncOracle + Clone + Send + Sync + 'static, L: JustificationSyncLink<Block>, CIDP: CreateInherentDataProviders<Block, ()>,
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Start the mining worker for PoW. This function provides the necessary helper functions that can be used to implement a miner. However, it does not do the CPU-intensive mining itself.

Two values are returned – a worker, which contains functions that allows querying the current mining metadata and submitting mined blocks, and a future, which must be polled to fill in information in the worker.

pre_runtime is a parameter that allows a custom additional pre-runtime digest to be inserted for blocks being built. This can encode authorship information, or just be a graffiti.