pub fn phragmms<AccountId: IdentifierT, P: PerThing128>(
    to_elect: usize,
    candidates: Vec<AccountId>,
    voters: Vec<(AccountId, VoteWeight, impl IntoIterator<Item = AccountId>)>,
    balancing: Option<BalancingConfig>
) -> Result<ElectionResult<AccountId, P>, Error>
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Execute the phragmms method.

This can be used interchangeably with seq-phragmen and offers a similar API, namely:

  • The resulting edge weight distribution is normalized (thus, safe to use for submission).
  • The accuracy can be configured via the generic type P.
  • The algorithm is a best-effort to elect to_elect. If less candidates are provided, less winners are returned, without an error.

This can only fail if the normalization fails. This can happen if for any of the resulting assignments,|p| p.deconstruct()).sum() fails to fit inside UpperOf<P>. A user of this crate may statically assert that this can never happen and safely expect this to return Ok.