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Whether you’re an open-source project or large enterprise, Parity Technologies can work with you to build next-generation decentralised technologies.

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Dedicated support

We offer dedicated support technicians to assist you in developing with the Parity technology stack.


No matter which of our technologies you choose to build on, we make sure to offer you the right set of features.

Advisory services

Tap into our extensive experience in blockchain architecture and ensure you make the right decisions.


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Open-source solutions

We believe the best software is built in the open. We work closely with teams that build their solutions with our open source technology stack and assist them with their development efforts.

Enterprise solutions

We build enterprise-ready blockchain technology: deploy a private, permissioned or consortium network with Parity Ethereum or build a new enterprise blockchain on Substrate from the ground up. We offer tailored commercial licensing models to meet your needs.

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Building your blockchain with Parity Substrate

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Unique use cases require unique blockchains. Let’s discuss how you can utilize Substrate to complete your blockchain mission.

Substrate is a powerful framework for the development of blockchains.

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Once registered as a Substrate Builder, you’ll have our attention. Make sure to make the best use of Substrate by getting support from Parity’s development team.

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Use cases


Protocol Labs

A research and development initiative designing decentralised internet technologies. The Rust implementation of Libp2p, a modular networking stack, is developed by Parity Technologies.



The leading crypto-asset management platform built entirely on a decentralised tech stack, powered by Parity Ethereum.


UN World Food Programme

Parity Technologies collaborates with the UN World Food Programme to distribute funds to Syrian refugees living in Jordan. Refugees are able to pay for their food at local stores by means of entitlements distributed through a platform built on Ethereum blockchain technology.

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Energy Web Foundation

The Energy Web Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission to accelerate the commercial deployment of blockchain technology in the energy sector. Parity Technologies provides core blockchain infrastructure to the foundation and its supporting affiliates.

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