Trait byte_slice_cast::AsMutSliceOf[][src]

pub trait AsMutSliceOf {
    fn as_mut_slice_of<T: FromByteSlice>(&mut self) -> Result<&mut [T], Error>;
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Trait for converting from a mutable byte slice to a mutable slice of a fundamental, built-in numeric type.


use byte_slice_cast::*;

let mut slice = [1u8, 2u8, 3u8, 4u8, 5u8, 6u8];
let converted_slice = slice.as_mut_slice_of::<u16>().unwrap();

if cfg!(target_endian = "big") {
    assert_eq!(converted_slice, &[0x0102, 0x0304, 0x0506]);
} else {
    assert_eq!(converted_slice, &[0x0201, 0x0403, 0x0605]);

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