Module pallet_elections_phragmen::pallet[][src]

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The module that hosts all the FRAME types needed to add this pallet to a runtime.


pub use __tt_default_parts_6 as tt_default_parts;


Can be used to configure the genesis state of this pallet.

The pallet implementing the on-chain logic.


Contains one variant per dispatchable that can be called by an extrinsic.

Custom dispatch errors of this pallet.

The event emitted by this pallet.


Configuration trait of this pallet.

Type Definitions

The present candidate list. A current member or runner-up can never enter this vector and is always implicitly assumed to be a candidate.

The total number of vote rounds that have happened, excluding the upcoming one.

The current elected members.


Type alias to Pallet, to be used by construct_runtime.


The current reserved runners-up.

Votes and locked stake of a particular voter.