Trait pallet_timestamp::pallet::Config[][src]

pub trait Config: Config {
    type Moment: Parameter + Default + AtLeast32Bit + Scale<Self::BlockNumber, Output = Self::Moment> + Copy + MaxEncodedLen + StaticTypeInfo;
    type OnTimestampSet: OnTimestampSet<Self::Moment>;
    type MinimumPeriod: Get<Self::Moment>;
    type WeightInfo: WeightInfo;
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The pallet configuration trait

Associated Types

Type used for expressing timestamp.

Something which can be notified when the timestamp is set. Set this to () if not needed.

The minimum period between blocks. Beware that this is different to the expected period that the block production apparatus provides. Your chosen consensus system will generally work with this to determine a sensible block time. e.g. For Aura, it will be double this period on default settings.

Weight information for extrinsics in this pallet.