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Traits and associated utilities for scheduling dispatchables in FRAME.


  • pub use v1::*;



  • The dispatch time of a scheduled task.
  • Error type for MaybeHashed::lookup.
  • Type representing an encodable value or the hash of the encoding of such a value.


  • Anything of this value or lower will definitely be scheduled on the block that they ask for, even if it breaches the MaximumWeight limitation.
  • The highest priority. We invert the value so that normal sorting will place the highest priority at the beginning of the list.
  • The lowest priority. Most stuff should be around here.

Type Definitions

  • Information relating to the period of a scheduled task. First item is the length of the period and the second is the number of times it should be executed in total before the task is considered finished and removed.
  • Priority with which a call is scheduled. It’s just a linear amount with lowest values meaning higher priority.