pub trait StorageInstance {
    const STORAGE_PREFIX: &'static str;

    // Required method
    fn pallet_prefix() -> &'static str;
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An instance of a storage in a pallet.

Define an instance for an individual storage inside a pallet. The pallet prefix is used to isolate the storage between pallets, and the storage prefix is used to isolate storages inside a pallet.

NOTE: These information can be used to define storages in pallet such as a StorageMap which can use keys after twox_128(pallet_prefix())++twox_128(STORAGE_PREFIX)

Required Associated Constants§


const STORAGE_PREFIX: &'static str

Prefix given to a storage to isolate from other storages in the pallet.

Required Methods§


fn pallet_prefix() -> &'static str

Prefix of a pallet to isolate it from other pallets.