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Auto-generated docs-only module listing all (public and private) defined storage types for this pallet.

Warning: Doc-Only

Members of this module cannot be used directly and are only provided for documentation purposes.

To see the actual storage type, find a struct with the same name at the root of the pallet, in the list of Type Definitions.


  • The current IPFS CIDs of any announcements.
  • Maps members to their candidacy deposit.
  • Maps member type to members of each type.
  • A set of members who gave a retirement notice. They can retire after the end of retirement period stored as a future block number.
  • The IPFS CID of the alliance rule. Fellows can propose a new rule with a super-majority.
  • The current list of accounts deemed unscrupulous. These accounts non grata cannot submit candidacy.
  • The current list of websites deemed unscrupulous.