pub trait Config: Config {
    type RuntimeEvent: From<Event<Self>> + IsType<<Self as Config>::RuntimeEvent>;
    type SwapAction: SwapAction<Self::AccountId, Self> + Parameter + MaxEncodedLen;
    type ProofLimit: Get<u32>;
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Atomic swap’s pallet configuration trait.

Required Associated Types

The overarching event type.

Swap action.

Limit of proof size.

Atomic swap is only atomic if once the proof is revealed, both parties can submit the proofs on-chain. If A is the one that generates the proof, then it requires that either:

  • A’s blockchain has the same proof length limit as B’s blockchain.
  • Or A’s blockchain has shorter proof length limit as B’s blockchain.

If B sees A is on a blockchain with larger proof length limit, then it should kindly refuse to accept the atomic swap request if A generates the proof, and asks that B generates the proof instead.