pub fn set_metadata<T: Config>(
    owner: MetadataOwner,
    maybe_hash: Option<PreimageHash>
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Set or clear a metadata of a proposal or a referendum.


  • origin: Must correspond to the MetadataOwner.
    • ExternalOrigin for an external proposal with the SuperMajorityApprove threshold.
    • ExternalDefaultOrigin for an external proposal with the SuperMajorityAgainst threshold.
    • ExternalMajorityOrigin for an external proposal with the SimpleMajority threshold.
    • Signed by a creator for a public proposal.
    • Signed to clear a metadata for a finished referendum.
    • Root to set a metadata for an ongoing referendum.
  • owner: an identifier of a metadata owner.
  • maybe_hash: The hash of an on-chain stored preimage. None to clear a metadata.

Warning: Doc-Only

This function is an automatically generated, and is doc-only, uncallable stub. See the real version in Pallet::set_metadata.