Type Definition pallet_democracy::pallet::VotingOf

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pub type VotingOf<T: Config> = StorageMap<_GeneratedPrefixForStorageVotingOf<T>, Twox64Concat, T::AccountId, Voting<<<T as Config>::Currency as Currency<<T as Config>::AccountId>>::Balance, T::AccountId, BlockNumberFor<T>, T::MaxVotes>, ValueQuery>;
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All votes for a particular voter. We store the balance for the number of votes that we have recorded. The second item is the total amount of delegations, that will be added.

TWOX-NOTE: SAFE as AccountIds are crypto hashes anyway.

Storage type is StorageMap with key type T :: AccountId and value type Voting < BalanceOf < T >, T :: AccountId, BlockNumberFor < T >, T :: MaxVotes >.