pub trait Config: CreateSignedTransaction<Call<Self>> + Config {
    type AuthorityId: AppCrypto<Self::Public, Self::Signature>;
    type RuntimeEvent: From<Event<Self>> + IsType<<Self as Config>::RuntimeEvent>;
    type GracePeriod: Get<Self::BlockNumber>;
    type UnsignedInterval: Get<Self::BlockNumber>;
    type UnsignedPriority: Get<TransactionPriority>;
    type MaxPrices: Get<u32>;
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This pallet’s configuration trait

Required Associated Types

The identifier type for an offchain worker.

The overarching event type.

A grace period after we send transaction.

To avoid sending too many transactions, we only attempt to send one every GRACE_PERIOD blocks. We use Local Storage to coordinate sending between distinct runs of this offchain worker.

Number of blocks of cooldown after unsigned transaction is included.

This ensures that we only accept unsigned transactions once, every UnsignedInterval blocks.

A configuration for base priority of unsigned transactions.

This is exposed so that it can be tuned for particular runtime, when multiple pallets send unsigned transactions.

Maximum number of prices.