Type Definition pallet_proxy::pallet::Proxies

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pub type Proxies<T: Config> = StorageMap<_GeneratedPrefixForStorageProxies<T>, Twox64Concat, T::AccountId, (BoundedVec<ProxyDefinition<T::AccountId, T::ProxyType, BlockNumberFor<T>>, T::MaxProxies>, <<T as Config>::Currency as Currency<<T as Config>::AccountId>>::Balance), ValueQuery>;
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The set of account proxies. Maps the account which has delegated to the accounts which are being delegated to, together with the amount held on deposit.

Storage type is StorageMap with key type T :: AccountId and value type (BoundedVec < ProxyDefinition < T :: AccountId, T :: ProxyType, BlockNumberFor < T > >, T :: MaxProxies, >, BalanceOf < T >,).