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Auto-generated docs-only module listing all defined dispatchables for this pallet.

Warning: Doc-Only

Members of this module cannot be used directly and are only provided for documentation purposes. To see the real version of each dispatchable, look for them in Pallet or Call.


  • Send a call through a recovered account.
  • Cancel the ability to use as_recovered for account.
  • Allow a successful rescuer to claim their recovered account.
  • As the controller of a recoverable account, close an active recovery process for your account.
  • Create a recovery configuration for your account. This makes your account recoverable.
  • Initiate the process for recovering a recoverable account.
  • Remove the recovery process for your account. Recovered accounts are still accessible.
  • Allow ROOT to bypass the recovery process and set an a rescuer account for a lost account directly.
  • Allow a “friend” of a recoverable account to vouch for an active recovery process for that account.