Type Definition pallet_recovery::pallet::ActiveRecoveries

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pub type ActiveRecoveries<T: Config> = StorageDoubleMap<_GeneratedPrefixForStorageActiveRecoveries<T>, Twox64Concat, T::AccountId, Twox64Concat, T::AccountId, ActiveRecovery<BlockNumberFor<T>, <<T as Config>::Currency as Currency<<T as Config>::AccountId>>::Balance, BoundedVec<<T as Config>::AccountId, <T as Config>::MaxFriends>>>;
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Active recovery attempts.

First account is the account to be recovered, and the second account is the user trying to recover the account.

Storage type is StorageDoubleMap with key1 type T :: AccountId, key2 type T :: AccountId and value type ActiveRecovery < BlockNumberFor < T >, BalanceOf < T >, FriendsOf < T > >.