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Auto-generated docs-only module listing all defined dispatchables for this pallet.

Warning: Doc-Only

Members of this module cannot be used directly and are only provided for documentation purposes. To see the real version of each dispatchable, look for them in Pallet or Call.


  • Take the origin account as a stash and lock up value of its balance. controller will be the account that controls it.
  • Add some extra amount that have appeared in the stash free_balance into the balance up for staking.
  • Cancel enactment of a deferred slash.
  • Declare no desire to either validate or nominate.
  • Declare a controller to stop participating as either a validator or nominator.
  • Force a validator to have at least the minimum commission. This will not affect a validator who already has a commission greater than or equal to the minimum. Any account can call this.
  • Force there to be a new era at the end of the next session. After this, it will be reset to normal (non-forced) behaviour.
  • Force there to be a new era at the end of sessions indefinitely.
  • Force there to be no new eras indefinitely.
  • Force a current staker to become completely unstaked, immediately.
  • Increments the ideal number of validators upto maximum of ElectionProviderBase::MaxWinners.
  • Remove the given nominations from the calling validator.
  • Declare the desire to nominate targets for the origin controller.
  • Pay out all the stakers behind a single validator for a single era.
  • Remove all data structures concerning a staker/stash once it is at a state where it can be considered dust in the staking system. The requirements are:
  • Rebond a portion of the stash scheduled to be unlocked.
  • Scale up the ideal number of validators by a factor upto maximum of ElectionProviderBase::MaxWinners.
  • (Re-)sets the controller of a stash to the stash itself. This function previously accepted a controller argument to set the controller to an account other than the stash itself. This functionality has now been removed, now only setting the controller to the stash, if it is not already.
  • Set the validators who cannot be slashed (if any).
  • Sets the minimum amount of commission that each validators must maintain.
  • (Re-)set the payment target for a controller.
  • Update the various staking configurations .
  • Sets the ideal number of validators.
  • Schedule a portion of the stash to be unlocked ready for transfer out after the bond period ends. If this leaves an amount actively bonded less than T::Currency::minimum_balance(), then it is increased to the full amount.
  • Declare the desire to validate for the origin controller.
  • Remove any unlocked chunks from the unlocking queue from our management.