pub fn block_import_with_authority_set_hard_forks<BE, Block: BlockT, Client, SC>(
    client: Arc<Client>,
    justification_import_period: u32,
    genesis_authorities_provider: &dyn GenesisAuthoritySetProvider<Block>,
    select_chain: SC,
    authority_set_hard_forks: Vec<AuthoritySetHardFork<Block>>,
    telemetry: Option<TelemetryHandle>
) -> Result<(GrandpaBlockImport<BE, Block, Client, SC>, LinkHalf<Block, Client, SC>), ClientError>where
    SC: SelectChain<Block>,
    BE: Backend<Block> + 'static,
    Client: ClientForGrandpa<Block, BE> + 'static,
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Make block importer and link half necessary to tie the background voter to it. A vector of authority set hard forks can be passed, any authority set change signaled at the given block (either already signalled or in a further block when importing it) will be replaced by a standard change with the given static authorities.