pub fn run_grandpa_observer<BE, Block: BlockT, Client, N, S, SC>(
    config: Config,
    link: LinkHalf<Block, Client, SC>,
    network: N,
    sync: S
) -> Result<impl Future<Output = ()> + Send>where
    BE: Backend<Block> + Unpin + 'static,
    N: NetworkT<Block>,
    S: SyncingT<Block>,
    SC: SelectChain<Block>,
    NumberFor<Block>: BlockNumberOps,
    Client: ClientForGrandpa<Block, BE> + 'static,
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Run a GRANDPA observer as a task, the observer will finalize blocks only by listening for and validating GRANDPA commits instead of following the full protocol. Provide configuration and a link to a block import worker that has already been instantiated with block_import. NOTE: this is currently not part of the crate’s public API since we don’t consider it stable enough to use on a live network.