Module sc_network::config

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Configuration of the networking layer.

The Params struct is the struct that must be passed in order to initialize the networking. See the documentation of Params.


A node’s network identity keys.


Easy way for a user to create a Multiaddr.


A single request received by a peer on a request-response protocol.
Network service configuration.
Response for an incoming request to be send by a request protocol handler.
Network initialization parameters.
Protocol name prefix, transmitted on the wire for legacy protocol names. I.e., dot in /dot/sync/2. Should be unique for each chain. Always UTF-8. Deprecated in favour of genesis hash & fork ID based protocol names.
Configuration for a single request-response protocol.


The configuration of a node’s secret key, describing the type of key and how it is obtained. A node’s identity keypair is the result of the evaluation of the node key configuration.
The public key of a node’s identity keypair.
Role of the local node.
The configuration options for obtaining a secret key K.
Sync operation mode.


Minimum Requirements for a Hash within Networking
Warp sync backend. Handles retrieveing and verifying warp sync proofs.

Type Definitions

The options for obtaining a Ed25519 secret key.