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Collection of request-response protocols.

The RequestResponsesBehaviour struct defined in this module provides support for zero or more so-called “request-response” protocols.

A request-response protocol works in the following way:

  • For every emitted request, a new substream is open and the protocol is negotiated. If the remote supports the protocol, the size of the request is sent as a LEB128 number, followed with the request itself. The remote then sends the size of the response as a LEB128 number, followed with the response.

  • Requests have a certain time limit before they time out. This time includes the time it takes to send/receive the request and response.

  • If provided, a “requests processing” channel is used to handle incoming requests.


  • The configuration for a Behaviour protocol.
  • A single request received by a peer on a request-response protocol.
  • Response for an incoming request to be send by a request protocol handler.
  • Configuration for a single request-response protocol.
  • The ID of an inbound or outbound request.
  • Implementation of NetworkBehaviour that provides support for request-response protocols.