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Generic implementations of Extrinsic/Header/Block.


Abstraction over a substrate block.

Definition of something that the external world might want to say; its existence implies that it has been checked and is good, particularly with regards to the signature.

Generic header digest.

Abstraction over a block header for a substrate chain.

Abstraction over a substrate block and justification.

A payload that has been signed for an unchecked extrinsics.

A extrinsic right from the external world. This is unchecked and so can contain a signature.


Something to identify a block.

Available changes trie signals.

Digest item that is able to encode/decode ‘system’ digest items and provide opaque access to other items.

A ‘referencing view’ for digest item. Does not own its contents. Used by final runtime implementations for encoding/decoding its log items.

An era to describe the longevity of a transaction.

Type of a digest item that contains raw data; this also names the consensus engine ID where applicable. Used to identify one or more digest items of interest.

Type Definitions

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