[][src]Struct wasmi::ModuleRef

pub struct ModuleRef(_);

Reference to a ModuleInstance.

This reference has a reference-counting semantics.

All ModuleInstance have strong references to it's components (i.e. globals, memories, funcs, tables), however, this components have weak references to it's containing module. This might be a problem at execution time.

So if have to make sure that all modules which might be needed at execution time should be retained.

Methods from Deref<Target = ModuleInstance>

pub fn globals<'a>(&self) -> Ref<Vec<GlobalRef>>[src]

Access all globals. This is a non-standard API so it's unlikely to be portable to other engines.

pub fn invoke_export<E: Externals>(
    func_name: &str,
    args: &[RuntimeValue],
    externals: &mut E
) -> Result<Option<RuntimeValue>, Error>

Invoke exported function by a name.

This function finds exported function by a name, and calls it with provided arguments and external state.


Returns Err if:

  • there are no export with a given name or this export is not a function,
  • given arguments doesn't match to function signature,
  • trap occurred at the execution time,


Invoke a function that takes two numbers and returns sum of them.

        &[RuntimeValue::I32(5), RuntimeValue::I32(3)],
        &mut NopExternals,
    ).expect("failed to execute export"),

pub fn invoke_export_with_stack<E: Externals>(
    func_name: &str,
    args: &[RuntimeValue],
    externals: &mut E,
    stack_recycler: &mut StackRecycler
) -> Result<Option<RuntimeValue>, Error>

Invoke exported function by a name using recycled stacks.


Same as invoke_export.

pub fn export_by_name(&self, name: &str) -> Option<ExternVal>[src]

Find export by a name.

Returns None if there is no export with such name.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ModuleRef[src]

impl Debug for ModuleRef[src]

impl Deref for ModuleRef[src]

type Target = ModuleInstance

The resulting type after dereferencing.

impl ModuleImportResolver for ModuleRef[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for ModuleRef

impl !Send for ModuleRef

impl !Sync for ModuleRef

impl Unpin for ModuleRef

impl !UnwindSafe for ModuleRef

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