pub type IndexAssignmentOf<C> = IndexAssignment<<C as NposSolution>::VoterIndex, <C as NposSolution>::TargetIndex, <C as NposSolution>::Accuracy>;
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A type alias for IndexAssignment made from NposSolution.

Aliased Type§

struct IndexAssignmentOf<C> {
    pub who: <C as NposSolution>::VoterIndex,
    pub distribution: Vec<(<C as NposSolution>::TargetIndex, <C as NposSolution>::Accuracy)>,


§who: <C as NposSolution>::VoterIndex

Index of the voter among the voters list.

§distribution: Vec<(<C as NposSolution>::TargetIndex, <C as NposSolution>::Accuracy)>

The distribution of the voter’s stake among winning targets.

Targets are identified by their index in the canonical list.