pub fn with_context<T: 'static, R>(
    callback: impl FnOnce(&mut Value<'_, T>) -> R
) -> Option<R>
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Runs the given callback in the dispatch context and gives access to some user defined value.

Passes the a mutable reference of Value to the callback. The value will be of type T and is identified using the TypeId of T. This means that T should be some unique type to make the value unique. If no value is set yet Value::get() and Value::get_mut() will return None. It is totally valid to have some T that is shared between different callers to have access to the same value.

Returns None if the current context is not a dispatch context. To create a context it is required to call run_in_context with the closure to execute in this context. So, for example in tests it could be that there isn’t any dispatch context or when calling a dispatchable like a normal Rust function from some FRAME hook.