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Allows bypassing the frame_system::Config supertrait check.

To bypass the syntactic frame_system::Config supertrait check, use the attribute pallet::disable_frame_system_supertrait_check.

Note this bypass is purely syntactic, and does not actually remove the requirement that your pallet implements frame_system::Config. When using this check, your config is still required to implement frame_system::Config either via

  • Implementing a trait that itself implements frame_system::Config
  • Tightly coupling it with another pallet which itself implements frame_system::Config


mod pallet {
	trait OtherTrait: frame_system::Config {}

	pub struct Pallet<T>(_);

	pub trait Config: OtherTrait {}

To learn more about supertraits, see the trait_based_programming reference doc.

Documentation for this macro can be found at frame_support::pallet_macros::disable_frame_system_supertrait_check.