pub trait RuntimeParameterStore {
    type AggregatedKeyValue: AggregatedKeyValue;

    // Required method
    fn get<KV, K>(key: K) -> Option<K::Value>
       where KV: AggregatedKeyValue,
             K: Key + Into<<KV as AggregatedKeyValue>::Key>,
             <KV as AggregatedKeyValue>::Key: IntoKey<<<Self as RuntimeParameterStore>::AggregatedKeyValue as AggregatedKeyValue>::Key>,
             <<Self as RuntimeParameterStore>::AggregatedKeyValue as AggregatedKeyValue>::Value: TryIntoKey<<KV as AggregatedKeyValue>::Value>,
             <KV as AggregatedKeyValue>::Value: TryInto<K::WrappedValue>;
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A dynamic parameter store across an aggregated KV type.

Required Associated Types§

Required Methods§


fn get<KV, K>(key: K) -> Option<K::Value>

Get the value of a parametrized key.

Should return None if no explicit value was set instead of a default.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.