pub type MockUncheckedExtrinsic<T, Signature = (), Extra = ()> = UncheckedExtrinsic<<T as Config>::AccountId, <T as Config>::RuntimeCall, Signature, Extra>;
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An unchecked extrinsic type to be used in tests.

Aliased Type§

struct MockUncheckedExtrinsic<T, Signature = (), Extra = ()> {
    pub signature: Option<(<T as Config>::AccountId, Signature, Extra)>,
    pub function: <T as Config>::RuntimeCall,


§signature: Option<(<T as Config>::AccountId, Signature, Extra)>

The signature, address, number of extrinsics have come before from the same signer and an era describing the longevity of this transaction, if this is a signed extrinsic.

None if it is unsigned or an inherent.

§function: <T as Config>::RuntimeCall

The function that should be called.