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Auto-generated docs-only module listing all defined dispatchables for this pallet.

§Warning: Doc-Only

Members of this module cannot be used directly and are only provided for documentation purposes. To see the real version of each dispatchable, look for them in Pallet or Call.


  • Clean all voters who are defunct (i.e. they do not serve any purpose at all). The deposit of the removed voters are returned.
  • Remove a particular member from the set. This is effective immediately and the bond of the outgoing member is slashed.
  • Remove origin as a voter.
  • Renounce one’s intention to be a candidate for the next election round. 3 potential outcomes exist:
  • Submit oneself for candidacy. A fixed amount of deposit is recorded.
  • Vote for a set of candidates for the upcoming round of election. This can be called to set the initial votes, or update already existing votes.