pub fn limited_reserve_transfer_assets<T: Config>(
    dest: Box<VersionedMultiLocation>,
    beneficiary: Box<VersionedMultiLocation>,
    assets: Box<VersionedMultiAssets>,
    fee_asset_item: u32,
    weight_limit: WeightLimit
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Transfer some assets from the local chain to the sovereign account of a destination chain and forward a notification XCM.

Fee payment on the destination side is made from the asset in the assets vector of index fee_asset_item, up to enough to pay for weight_limit of weight. If more weight is needed than weight_limit, then the operation will fail and the assets send may be at risk.

  • origin: Must be capable of withdrawing the assets and executing XCM.
  • dest: Destination context for the assets. Will typically be X2(Parent, Parachain(..)) to send from parachain to parachain, or X1(Parachain(..)) to send from relay to parachain.
  • beneficiary: A beneficiary location for the assets in the context of dest. Will generally be an AccountId32 value.
  • assets: The assets to be withdrawn. This should include the assets used to pay the fee on the dest side.
  • fee_asset_item: The index into assets of the item which should be used to pay fees.
  • weight_limit: The remote-side weight limit, if any, for the XCM fee purchase.

Warning: Doc-Only

This function is an automatically generated, and is doc-only, uncallable stub. See the real version in Pallet::limited_reserve_transfer_assets.