pub trait RuntimeAppPublic: Sized {
    type Signature: Debug + Eq + PartialEq + Clone + TypeInfo + Codec;

    const ID: KeyTypeId;

    // Required methods
    fn all() -> Vec<Self>;
    fn generate_pair(seed: Option<Vec<u8>>) -> Self;
    fn sign<M: AsRef<[u8]>>(&self, msg: &M) -> Option<Self::Signature>;
    fn verify<M: AsRef<[u8]>>(
        msg: &M,
        signature: &Self::Signature
    ) -> bool;
    fn to_raw_vec(&self) -> Vec<u8> ;
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Runtime interface for an application’s public key.

Required Associated Types§


type Signature: Debug + Eq + PartialEq + Clone + TypeInfo + Codec

The signature that will be generated when signing with the corresponding private key.

Required Associated Constants§


const ID: KeyTypeId

An identifier for this application-specific key type.

Required Methods§


fn all() -> Vec<Self>

Returns all public keys for this application in the keystore.


fn generate_pair(seed: Option<Vec<u8>>) -> Self

Generate a public/private pair with an optional seed and store it in the keystore.

The seed needs to be valid utf8.

Returns the generated public key.


fn sign<M: AsRef<[u8]>>(&self, msg: &M) -> Option<Self::Signature>

Sign the given message with the corresponding private key of this public key.

The private key will be requested from the keystore.

Returns the signature or None if the private key could not be found or some other error occurred.


fn verify<M: AsRef<[u8]>>(&self, msg: &M, signature: &Self::Signature) -> bool

Verify that the given signature matches the given message using this public key.


fn to_raw_vec(&self) -> Vec<u8>

Returns Self as raw vec.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.



impl<T> RuntimeAppPublic for T
where T: AppPublic + AsRef<<T as AppPublic>::Generic>, <T as AppPublic>::Generic: RuntimePublic, <T as AppCrypto>::Signature: TypeInfo + Codec + From<<<T as AppPublic>::Generic as RuntimePublic>::Signature> + AsRef<<<T as AppPublic>::Generic as RuntimePublic>::Signature>,


const ID: KeyTypeId = <T as AppCrypto>::ID


type Signature = <T as AppCrypto>::Signature