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pub type Header = Header<u64, BlakeTwo256>;
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Block Header

Aliased Type§

struct Header {
    pub parent_hash: H256,
    pub number: u64,
    pub state_root: H256,
    pub extrinsics_root: H256,
    pub digest: Digest,


§parent_hash: H256

The parent hash.

§number: u64

The block number.

§state_root: H256

The state trie merkle root

§extrinsics_root: H256

The merkle root of the extrinsics.

§digest: Digest

A chain-specific digest of data useful for light clients or referencing auxiliary data.



impl Header


pub fn new_from_number(number: <Self as Header>::Number) -> Self

A new header with the given number and default hash for all other fields.