Type Alias sp_runtime_interface::Pointer

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pub type Pointer<T> = Pointer<T>;
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A pointer that can be used in a runtime interface function signature.

Aliased Type§

struct Pointer<T> { /* private fields */ }

Trait Implementations§


impl<T: PointerType> FromFFIValue for Pointer<T>


type SelfInstance = Pointer<T>

As Self can be an unsized type, it needs to be represented by a sized type at the host. This SelfInstance is the sized type.

fn from_ffi_value(_: &mut dyn FunctionContext, arg: u32) -> Result<Self>

Create SelfInstance from the given

impl<T: PointerType> IntoFFIValue for Pointer<T>


fn into_ffi_value(self, _: &mut dyn FunctionContext) -> Result<u32>

Convert self into a ffi value.

impl<T: PointerType> RIType for Pointer<T>


type FFIType = u32

The ffi type that is used to represent Self.