Module sp_staking::offence

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Common traits and types that are useful for describing offences for usage in environments that use staking.


  • A details about an offending authority for a particular kind of offence.


  • In case of an offence, which conditions get an offending validator disabled.
  • Errors that may happen on offence reports.


  • A trait implemented by an offence report.
  • An abstract system to publish, check and process offence evidences.
  • A trait to take action on an offence.
  • A trait for decoupling offence reporters from the actual handling of offence reports.

Type Aliases

  • The kind of an offence, is a byte string representing some kind identifier e.g. b"im-online:offlin", b"babe:equivocatio"
  • Number of times the offence of this authority was already reported in the past.