pub trait AccountTouch<AssetId, AccountId> {
    type Balance;

    // Required methods
    fn deposit_required(asset: AssetId) -> Self::Balance;
    fn touch(
        asset: AssetId,
        who: AccountId,
        depositor: AccountId
    ) -> DispatchResult;
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Trait for creating an asset account with a deposit taken from a designated depositor specified by the client.

Required Associated Types§


type Balance

The type for currency units of the deposit.

Required Methods§


fn deposit_required(asset: AssetId) -> Self::Balance

The deposit amount of a native currency required for creating an account of the asset.


fn touch(asset: AssetId, who: AccountId, depositor: AccountId) -> DispatchResult

Create an account for who of the asset with a deposit taken from the depositor.