pub trait EnqueueMessage<Origin: MaxEncodedLen> {
    type MaxMessageLen: Get<u32>;

    fn enqueue_message(
        message: BoundedSlice<'_, u8, Self::MaxMessageLen>,
        origin: Origin
    ); fn enqueue_messages<'a>(
        messages: impl Iterator<Item = BoundedSlice<'a, u8, Self::MaxMessageLen>>,
        origin: Origin
    ); fn sweep_queue(origin: Origin); fn footprint(origin: Origin) -> Footprint; }
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Can enqueue messages for multiple origins.

Required Associated Types

The maximal length any enqueued message may have.

Required Methods

Enqueue a single message from a specific origin.

Enqueue multiple messages from a specific origin.

Any remaining unprocessed messages should happen only lazily, not proactively.

Return the state footprint of the given queue.

Implementations on Foreign Types