pub trait KeyOwnerProofSystem<Key> {
    type Proof: Codec;
    type IdentificationTuple: Codec;

    fn prove(key: Key) -> Option<Self::Proof>;
    fn check_proof(
        key: Key,
        proof: Self::Proof
    ) -> Option<Self::IdentificationTuple>; }
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Something which can compute and check proofs of a historical key owner and return full identification data of that key owner.

Required Associated Types

The proof of membership itself.

The full identification of a key owner and the stash account.

Required Methods

Prove membership of a key owner in the current block-state.

This should typically only be called off-chain, since it may be computationally heavy.

Returns Some iff the key owner referred to by the given key is a member of the current set.

Check a proof of membership on-chain. Return Some iff the proof is valid and recent enough to check.

Implementations on Foreign Types