pub trait ConsumerLimits {
    // Required methods
    fn max_consumers() -> RefCount;
    fn max_overflow() -> RefCount;
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Numeric limits over the ability to add a consumer ref using inc_consumers.

Required Methods§


fn max_consumers() -> RefCount

The number of consumers over which inc_consumers will cease to work.


fn max_overflow() -> RefCount

The maximum number of additional consumers expected to be over be added at once using inc_consumers_without_limit.

Note: This is not enforced and it’s up to the chain’s author to ensure this reflects the actual situation.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<const Z: u32> ConsumerLimits for ConstU32<Z>


impl<MaxNormal: Get<u32>, MaxOverflow: Get<u32>> ConsumerLimits for (MaxNormal, MaxOverflow)