pub trait IdentityVerifier<AccountId> {
    // Required methods
    fn has_identity(who: &AccountId, fields: u64) -> bool;
    fn has_good_judgement(who: &AccountId) -> bool;
    fn super_account_id(who: &AccountId) -> Option<AccountId>;
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Interface required for identity verification.

Required Methods§


fn has_identity(who: &AccountId, fields: u64) -> bool

Function that returns whether an account has an identity registered with the identity provider.


fn has_good_judgement(who: &AccountId) -> bool

Whether an account has been deemed “good” by the provider.


fn super_account_id(who: &AccountId) -> Option<AccountId>

If the identity provider allows sub-accounts, provide the super of an account. Should return None if the provider does not allow sub-accounts or if the account is not a sub.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<AccountId> IdentityVerifier<AccountId> for ()

The non-provider. Imposes no restrictions on account identity.