pub fn submit_price_unsigned<T: Config>(
    _block_number: BlockNumberFor<T>,
    price: u32
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Submit new price to the list via unsigned transaction.

Works exactly like the submit_price function, but since we allow sending the transaction without a signature, and hence without paying any fees, we need a way to make sure that only some transactions are accepted. This function can be called only once every T::UnsignedInterval blocks. Transactions that call that function are de-duplicated on the pool level via validate_unsigned implementation and also are rendered invalid if the function has already been called in current “session”.

It’s important to specify weight for unsigned calls as well, because even though they don’t charge fees, we still don’t want a single block to contain unlimited number of such transactions.

This example is not focused on correctness of the oracle itself, but rather its purpose is to showcase offchain worker capabilities.

Warning: Doc-Only

This function is an automatically generated, and is doc-only, uncallable stub. See the real version in Pallet::submit_price_unsigned.