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Configuration trait of this pallet.

Implement this type for a runtime in order to customize this pallet.

Required Associated Types

The identifier type for an authority.

The maximum number of keys that can be added.

The maximum number of peers to be stored in ReceivedHeartbeats

The maximum size of the encoding of PeerId and MultiAddr that are coming from the hearbeat

The overarching event type.

A type for retrieving the validators supposed to be online in a session.

A trait that allows us to estimate the current session progress and also the average session length.

This parameter is used to determine the longevity of heartbeat transaction and a rough time when we should start considering sending heartbeats, since the workers avoids sending them at the very beginning of the session, assuming there is a chance the authority will produce a block and they won’t be necessary.

A type that gives us the ability to submit unresponsiveness offence reports.

A configuration for base priority of unsigned transactions.

This is exposed so that it can be tuned for particular runtime, when multiple pallets send unsigned transactions.

Weight information for extrinsics in this pallet.