pub trait WeightInfo {
    fn validate_unsigned_and_then_heartbeat(k: u32, e: u32) -> Weight;
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Weight functions needed for pallet_im_online.

Required Methods

Implementations on Foreign Types

Storage: Session Validators (r:1 w:0) Proof Skipped: Session Validators (max_values: Some(1), max_size: None, mode: Measured) Storage: Session CurrentIndex (r:1 w:0) Proof Skipped: Session CurrentIndex (max_values: Some(1), max_size: None, mode: Measured) Storage: ImOnline Keys (r:1 w:0) Proof: ImOnline Keys (max_values: Some(1), max_size: Some(320002), added: 320497, mode: MaxEncodedLen) Storage: ImOnline ReceivedHeartbeats (r:1 w:1) Proof: ImOnline ReceivedHeartbeats (max_values: None, max_size: Some(10021032), added: 10023507, mode: MaxEncodedLen) Storage: ImOnline AuthoredBlocks (r:1 w:0) Proof: ImOnline AuthoredBlocks (max_values: None, max_size: Some(56), added: 2531, mode: MaxEncodedLen) The range of component k is [1, 1000]. The range of component e is [1, 100].